about me



My name is Thuy-vy, pronounced [twee-vee]. I am currently a doctorate student at the University of Rochester, New York, studying motivation under Self-Determination Theory perspective with Dr. Edward Deci. For the most part of my research career thus far, I have been studying people’s motivation behind their excellence strivings, their solitary behaviors, and their interpersonal communication. I am deeply fascinated by any raw, basic human experiences such as intrinsic motivation, triumph, aloneness, and touch. In particular, through my research, I hope to find a way to inspire people to own the choice we make to be best of who we are, to let go of our perfectionism that might get the best of us, to stay alone with ourselves, to be present with others, and last but not least, be authentic in our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and communication.

I hope to make this blog a space for me to express myself, to be authentic with the ideas that I want to communicate to you, and to grow with the feedback you might have for me.


Thuy-vy T. Nguyen