ongoing projects

Below is a few projects that I am working on. Please feel free contact me for further information via email <>

Solitude. This project focuses on the effect of solitude on daily experiences and the benefit of taking time for solitude on psychological and relational well-being. I am also currently exploring different environmental factors that affect people’s solitary experience. Collaborators: Edward Deci, Ph.D.; Richard Ryan, Ph.D.; Bart Soenens, Ph.D.Netta Weinstein, Ph.D.

If we feel forced into being alone, will we be more likely to find something to do, no matter how dull and boring, when we spend time in solitude? In a set of three studies, we looked at how different levels of autonomy that people experienced going into solitude affect the likelihood of them engaging in a diversion to escape from solitary thinking.

If we embrace our time alone, will it cure our loneliness? We collected data from first-year students and asked them how about their experiences in college, then we asked them about their motivation for spending time alone with themselves. We found an interaction between students’ perception of belonging in their peer groups and their motivation for being alone.

Religious parenting. This projects investigates the interaction between parents’ religious beliefs and children’s engagement with science. We first conducted an exploratory study by collecting data from child subjects to look at the relationships between variables. Then, we developed new hypotheses, preregistered them on OSF, took one more year to collect data from both parent and child subjects. We just concluded our data collection in June 2018. Currently, we are working on the manuscript. Collaborator: Jon McPhetres, M.A.

Besides my research, with the help from my family, I started the B.H. Nguyen Fund in 2017 to support research and organizations whose goals aim to promote public understanding of science. In our grant-making scheme, we also aim to encourage open practices, which we believe will increase the quality of the research that we fund. You can find our funding activities in the year of 2017-2018 here.

I am currently working with Center for Self-Determination Theory to help build a repository for SDT research, where researchers can share their materials to others in the community as well as the general public. This project goes along with my other effort in working with University of Rochester libraries to organize a workshop series on open science practices.

I also started a blog called Bamboo Shoot, and with my sisters, we translate research findings from English to Vietnamese so people in Vietnam can benefit from those findings.



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